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Dare to dream the impossible? You can earn residual income working   part-time or full-time helping people enroll in Health Insurance.

The destination for leaders .

Why Peach State?

  • One of the top Agencies in Georgia for Cigna and Ambetter enrollments

  • Access to marketing materials

  • One-on-one field training

  • Scheduled promotional events



Our broker training services will teach you the skills you need to become a successful agent.   Our average agent s earn about $3000 monthly in residual income!  Our top agents earn over $10,000 monthly! 

We will show you how earn residual income for every client and so you can start earning a steady income right away. Our training program is tailored to meet the specific requirements of Georgia insurance regulations, so you can feel confident that you are providing the best possible service to your clients.

How to become a licensed agent?


It is a rigurous process, but it starts with pre-licensing education.  There are many courses you can choose, but we recommend ADBanker for self-study. Another option would our next insurance class starting September 8th.   Once you complete your classes, make a reservation to take the state exam!  Now that you passed, complete the citizenship affidavit and apply for your license.  You will also need to submit your fingerprints.


Option 1; Go to

  1. Select prelicensing

  2. Choose Georgia from dropdown menu.

  3. Select Life & Health from dropdown and click ONLINE COURSE.

  4. You can take both, or just choose GA Health

  5. There are three options starting at $169.95

  6. Don't worry, we do provide study groups

Option 2 ; Next Insurance School Located Omega World Center (3951 Snapfinger Parkway, Suite 125


  1. March 8 (10am - 1pm) 

  2. March 9 (9am - 2pm) 

  3. March 10  (9am- 7pm) 

  4. March 11  (6pm-10pm) ( Practice Test)

  • COST  $175

  • J.W. Richardson, Inst

  • Beneficial Estate TransactionersOCOS​​

State Exam

Yes, you are ready!  Go to

Click Take a test

Scroll to bottom and schedule your exam.

Click (G) and select Georgia Insurance

Applying for license

Congratulations, you passed!  Now complete online application at or  Complete GID-276-EN Citizenship Affidavit and verifiable identification

Complete electronic fingerprints


FFM Certification

You now are licensed!  Lets get ready to sell!  Complete your CMS training  so you are certified to enroll clients.  Click link below for instructions.  Don't hesitate to call if there are any questions.


Agreement and Appointments

You are done... almost.   We want you to be part of our team.  Complete our agreement, get appointed and let's dare to dream the impossible!


"When you want different for yourself you have to start moving different"

Our Academics

At Peach State Training, we provide our clients with the most comprehensive training and resources needed to become an insurance agent in the state of Georgia. Our team of experienced professionals are dedicated to helping individuals become successful agents in the field.

We provide a variety of classes, resources, and tools to help you gain the knowledge and experience necessary to become an insurance agent. On our website, you’ll find a comprehensive guide on how to become a Georgia resident insurance agent and the state requirements. We look forward to helping you start your career in the insurance industry.

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